Q. Where is the school located?

A. We are located in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago’s southwest side at 2235 S. Albany Ave. We are easily accessible from the Pink line train and many CTA buses.


Q. What is OLT’s enrollment and average class size?

A. We currently have 183 students enrolled, that’s an average of 18 students per classroom! Our small class size allows students more one-on-one time with their teacher, helping teachers better identify their students’ academics needs.


Q. Do you have an after-school program?

A. Yes, our after school program starts at 3:00 pm and ends at 6:00 pm every day. We recognize that a majority of our parents work long hours and need a safe place for their children to work and play. Our after-school program provides a free healthy snack and weekly activities including tutoring from our very own teachers/staff.  There is a modest program fee of only $5 per day for 1 child.


Q. What is the cost of tuition? Are there any extra fees?

A. Tuition at Our Lady of Tepeyac elementary school is among the most affordable private/parochial school options in the area of Little Village.  Please see for yourself on our admissions page, click on tuition and fees 

Q. Is financial assistance available?

A. Yes! We work with every family who qualifies for financial assistance. Eligibility is based on a review of family income/expenses and tax returns.  While the Big Shoulders Fund provides many of our students with need-based and merit scholarships, we actively raise funds throughout the year to secure grants from various agencies to keep our Catholic school tuition affordable.  Last year we gave over $192,000 in financial assistance and scholarships!  Please see our financial aid & scholarships page here to begin your application today.

Q. Can my child enroll after the school year starts?

A. Yes, we have open enrollment for grades Preschool through 8th grade, depending on classroom size. All transfer students in grades 6-8 must first complete an interview with the principal. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment for this interview and to bring the most recent report card or student records for the principal to review.

Q. Do the students wear uniforms?

A. Yes. Boys wear navy blue dress pants and white polo shirts.  Girls wear uniforms from Schoolbelle’s – Girls in Kindergarten through third grade wear a plaid jumper and girls in grades four through eighth wear a plaid skirt.  Girls also wear white blouses or polo shirts with their jumpers/skirts.

Optional: Boys and Girls may wear navy or red sweaters and sweater vests anytime during the year.

We sponsor several out of uniform days in keeping with school holidays or special events and celebrations.

Our gym uniforms are only available for sale from the school office.  In 2017-2018 students will attend physical education classes twice per week.

Preschoolers wear the gym uniform every day.

Q. Is there a discount if my older girls attend Our Lady of Tepeyac High School?

A. Yes, there is a 10% discount for families who have daughters that attend Our Lady of Tepeyac High School for Girls

Q: Are there any extra-curricular activities?

A. We offer many after school clubs such as Aztec Dance, Choir, Gardening Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Technology “iPad” Club, in addition to seasonal sports such as Volleyball, Soccer, Flag Football, and Basketball. There is also tutoring twice per week required for students receiving academic scholarships.