Fund A Student


Our Lady of Tepeyac Grade School provides hope and stability for Little Village families by offering a strong academic program, staffing a caring and encouraging teaching community and by providing financial support for families who need it. Our school is a consistent presence for parents as they seek the best for their children.


For 127 years, Our Lady of Tepeyac Grade School has been a source of HOPE by offering:


*A consistent and supportive academic learning environment for children. 

*A sense of belonging and care, day in and day out. 

*Financial support for our families who are struggling in this economy.  

Ninety-eight percent of Tepeyac families receive needs based scholarships on an annual basis. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our families, 67% of whom experienced employment loss or a reduction in hours since March of 2020 and are still struggling to recoup these losses.


Our Lady of Tepeyac Grade School partners with our students and their families in order to create a bright and hopeful future for our community. Through education, faith and commitment, together, we are HOPE for the world!


The HOPE Benefit for Scholarships is a primary stream of revenue for our needs based financial aid program.  Please consider Funding A Student today!


$110 a Week

$220 for Two Weeks

$440 a Month

$1,100 a Quarter

$1,470 a Trimester

$4,400 a Year